Jennifer Shepard (on_jennys_terms) wrote in madame_director,
Jennifer Shepard


Title: Bedtime
Author: on_jennys_terms
Character/Pairing: Gibbs/Jenny
Genre: Fluff, AU
Rating: G
Words: 462
Summary:  The nesting instinct kicks in around month 5.
Notes: For the theatrical_muse prompt #429 "What time is bedtime".  This is pure stupid fluff.  Hopefully not too stupid.  Falls into my New York universe.  Borrowed ncis_ljgibbs.
Disclaimer: Not making any money from this. It's purely for fun and creative fan-type purposes.

The floor in the bedroom creaks, muffled thumps in the hallway--sounds that tell Jenny he's awake.  A few moments later, she hears, "So this is where you are."

She pauses painting the window trim and looks over her shoulder.  Jethro is standing in the doorway in just a t-shirt and shorts, his hair sticking out at crazy angles.  He runs a hand through his hair which only makes the cowlicks worse.  She smiles at him.

( Follow the fake cut )
Tags: artist: on_jennys_terms, fanart: drabble, genre: au, genre: babyfic, genre: family, pairing: jenny_jethro, rating: g (k)

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