Jennifer Shepard (on_jennys_terms) wrote in madame_director,
Jennifer Shepard

Epic fan art

Alright, so, there's a group of us (vegawriters, centerishome's writer, and myself) who've been crafting this...epic story, I guess you could call it.  You can find it here, here, some here, and some here.  One day at the laundromat, I came up with the idea of making some art for this story.  So, behind the fake cut, you will find a movie poster and a soundtrack.

As Jenny's ALS comes to light, right along with her relationship with the young lab tech Clarke Banks, she is forced to face obstacles on personal and professional levels.  The fallout from her gunning for La Granouille has evolved, leaving The Frog's daughter full of venom and spit.  Her own hand picked minion goes after what Jenny holds dearest - not her long time partner and lover Agent Gibbs but instead Clarke, whom Jenny is still wrestling and justifying her feelings for.

Meanwhile, as she turns to her once partner in crime, Agent Gibbs has come to realizations of his own and gone after the true love he has pined for. Not Jenny Shepard, but her younger sister, Heather, whom he has been in love with for the past 15 years.

Forced to face a reality of her own making, Jenny is trapped between the personal and the professional, between revenge and forgiveness and all the while the clock ticks ever louder, reminding her of her own impending mortality.

All But One: The Movie

( Follow the fake cut )
Tags: artist: on_jennys_terms, fanart: fanmix, fanart: wallpaper, genre: action, genre: adventure, genre: angst, genre: drama

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