Nici (nicis_anatomy) wrote in madame_director,

[Challenge] six word drabble-a-thon - NCIS style

Welcome to madame_director's first

six word drabble-a-thon - NCIS style

Are you up for a challenge? Then you should join us!
It's simple. But be warned: Once you've started, you can't stop ;)

RULES (adapted from here):
01. When posting, make sure your subject has the following: character/pairing, rating and (important!!) spoiler warning for season 7.
02. Anything NCIS related is allowed - all pairings/genres/het/gen/slash ... you name it. If possible, it should feature Jenny in some way (but - this time - this is optional)
03. Make sure your fic is ONLY six words!
04. Don't hyphenate words to make them one, because that's just lame.
05. If someone writes one you like, comment to them! Tell them how much you like it.
06. If someone writes one you don't like, move on and don't say a word.
07. Each fic should have its own starting comment (or in case you wrote more than one at once, you can post them together in one comment).
08. Feel free to expand on what someone has already written! Just comment to their fic with another that is six words.
09. If you have questions/problems, comment to the first comment called "questions/problems" and I will try to answer them asap.
10. Pimp it out to friends and communities!
11. Have fun!

Pimp it ...
Tags: ! mod-post, ! special challenge
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